Create Beautiful Calendars for the New Year with Calendar Maker Software

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Published: 08th December 2010
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Calendars are one of those things that make great little gifts for Christmas with the coming of the new year. However, most of the calendars that you can buy in the shops are not very special and have nothing personalized about them. Designing your own calendars is a great way to give them that special, personalized touch. Using a computer to help you makes the job far easier and quicker still yet you can still enjoy a high degree of customizability. With calendar maker software, you can get the job done in such a way that it even looks professional and beautifully polished. Rather than manually designing your own photo calendar with complicated graphics programs or photo editors, you can design calendars quickly and easily with Photo Calendar Maker, the leading solution for designing calendars.

Photo Calendar Maker is highly versatile. A new application, it allows you to design beautiful photo calendars for an entire year or just a month. The program is presented in an intuitive and user-friendly manner so that you can enjoy taking advantage of its many features straight out of the box without having to suffer a steep learning curve. Creating stylish and professional-looking photo calendars has never been so easy and this software will help you to get the best results in no time. There are many different preset designs, layouts and formats and you can further customize these if you wish. To create a beautiful calendar in no time, all you need to do is choose you preferred design and then add your own photos for each page of the calendar.

Photo Calendar Maker is calendar maker software without limits. There is a plethora of different combinations of styles and designs that you can use to create a great finished product. There are hundreds of variants from just using the presets as they are. You can create styles of calendar which look modern, refined, traditional, professional, romantic or just about anything else that you can think of! The software comes with a huge choice of templates already included for you to experiment with. All of the templates are created by professional graphic designers to give them the well optimized, attractive appearance. Using Photo Calendar Maker, you can also customize any part of the calendar. This includes title and text fonts, background color and style, month layout, holidays and more. Calendars can be designed in many different formats allowing you to make everything from large, practical wall calendars to miniature pocket-sized calendars. The software also fully supports working with different languages. In the latest edition, you can also create calendars using a photo collage.

With a rich set of features that make this calendar maker software attractive to home users and professionals alike, Photo Calendar Maker is indeed the leading solution for designing calendars. You can learn more about Photo Calendar Maker at the official site at . There is a trial version available for those who prefer to try out the software before they purchase it.

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